City of Splendors

Our Story Begins
Just another day on the job.

The first day of any job is always the hardest, this was no different. Our newest recruits found themselves facing down one of the most grizzled Dwarfs any of them had laid eyes upon. Grenwalis, the leader of the Gray Hands, challenged each of them in turn to show their mettle by hitting him. Khoryn had no issue and neither did Bronwyn nor Alethra. Decimus summoned a croc to do his dirty work while Vidic simply dinged Grenwalis’ armor and handily convinced him that he had fulfilled the requirement.

Having proven themselves capable of fighting the recruits got called in for their first job, defending the Market from a pair of agitated crystalline trolls. Grenwalis lead the charge while the rest filled the spaces around the pair of trouble makers. Our heroes quickly dispatch of the trolls and seal the deal with a few well used sonic spells aimed at shattering the crystalline trolls.

The patron of several of the market stalls, Mirt, invited our heroes to a dinner party. The food was amazing and our band of heroes were introduced to some of the riches the City of Splendors has to offer. After a night of drunken revelry, our band went out seeking breakfast and had some fun at one of the docks most notorious taverns.

Several days later, the Gray Hands were called in to find out what dark force was terrorizing the docks. They soon found a large undead carrion bird was the culprit. It tried to make off with Grenwalis, but Vidic caught the beast with his whip and saved the Dwarf’s life. The group dispatched of the abomination and proclaimed victory.

Welcome to the City of Splendors!
A factual account of the Gray Hands

Our story begins in the Summer of 1377 by Dale Reckoning. The city of Waterdeep sent out a call for heroes to replenish the ranks of the elite fighting group that protects the city from its greatest threats. This group is known as the Gray Hands. Our heroes are the cream of the crop after an intensive vetting process. They are the newest members. They are Gray Hands!


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