Turrock Family Crest

Amulet of the Turrock family crest


3. +1 to Saves
5. +2 Int
6. +2 to Saves
7. Comprehend Languages
8. Quicken Spell I
9. Summoner’s Totem
10. +3 to Saves
11. +4 Int, Fiendish Embrace
12. Quicken Spell II
14. +4 to Saves
16. Quicken Spell III
17. +6 Int
18. +5 to Saves
19. Second Chances

Quicken Spell – Three times per day you can cast a spell of up to level 3 as a free action. At level 12 this increases to encompass spells up to level 6 and at level 16 this will encompass spells of any level.
Summoner’s Totem – When using a summoning spell, you can immediately target your summon and cast a third or lower level spell on that summon as a free action.
Second Chances – once per day you can reverse everything that has happened on your turn and start over. Everyone effected is aware of what happened and can choose to act differently.
Fiendish Embrace – once per day gain fiendish powers for 15 rounds. DR 10/magic, dark vision, batlike wings allow fly base speed average maneuverability, claws 1d6 dmg each, immunity to poison, resist 10 acid cold electric fire, smite good 1X extra 15 dmg, SR 25.


This amulet was given to Decimus by his parents upon his choosing to study the Divine Arts. Not even they knew the potential of this amulet they gave out of love. Infused with their hopes and dreams for him, it responded by acting a surrogate to protect and enhance its new owner.

Turrock Family Crest

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