Vidic Sieti

Male, Human Illuskan. Pale skin, obviously from the North. 6' With long black hair and a warriors build, holds himself with great confidence.


A shining example of a Northern Illuskan warrior, Steely Grey Eyes and Raven Black Hair. Standing 6’ with one hand resting on the pommel of a fine Illuskan Longsword, he sings. His hair is well kept and long, very long. The glistening strands reaching half the length of his back. Hair from both sides meet in a well practiced braid, holding it from his face. Your eyes meet a knowing grin and a wink, as he eloquently laments love lost.

Everything about him seems a contradiction. The physique and equipment fitting a Northern Clansmen. Though his speach is eloquent, and rhythmic. His mannerisms and gestures show a well traveled individual who respects and takes time to learn the local customs. Obviously he is a well practiced vocalist, but his instruments are a Warhorn and Elk Hide Drum. Not the instruments you’d expect on someone with such sofistication.

When not on duty, Vidic can be found in a variety of outfits. Just when you think you’ve nailed his style he surprises you. It seems he takes an unusual amount of consideration on what to wear. The clothing seems to match the venue of the day. Never too flashy, always exactly what would be expected. He is just as likely to show up in defense of the city wearing finely tailored party suit as the furs you’d expect a woodsman to wear.


Vidic, son of Urdric hails from the Far north. In the shadow of the spine Vidic was raised to be the next Warlord of the clan. Urdric was a proud father, and could already see great things in the curious eyes of Vidic. His destiny seemed written. He would be the 4th generation to lead, or so he thought. On Vidic’s 13th birthday he was sent out to fall a bear for the coming feast. A right of passage all in the clan must complete to become a warrior, fate choose a different path for Vidic.

Together with the Uthgardt Barbarians, Urdric had secured a peace with the Giants that inhabited the mountains to the east. A total surprise to Urdric the peace had been broken, although unknowingly, by adventurers searching for a lost tomb of some great warrior of old. Several young giants were slain, vengance fell on Vidic’s people.

Upon his return to camp he was greated by tragedy instead of celebration, death instead of song. The nearby Uthgardt found him weeks later. For a while he lived with them, but they were too different in the end. That summer he helped negotiate the release of a group of adventurers that happend into the wrong territory. In exchange for saving their lives he asked they take him with them. Thus began his adventuring life.

Guiermo Sieti, their bard, took him under his wing. Vidic was a natural to song and rhythm, and quickly showed he had the gift. He flourished under Guiermo’s tutilage. Vidic grew to think of him as a father. After some amazing adventures Guiermo grew tired of the danger and together they formed Sieti and Son, a successful traveling group that played every Tavern and Market they encountered. This was a good life, although short. Guiermo found himself in a duel with an angry Calashite Slaver, who just happened to be a well trained Wizard, after he found Guiermo in bed with his 7 wives.

Vidic spent all that he and Urdric had to buy him out of slavery. Only to find he had become inflicted with a terrible disease. Although he never discovered if it was something he caught while in slavery or through arcane means, there was one inescapable truth. Guiermo was dieing, and much like returning to his clan that cold evening of his 13th birthday, he would have to bury his father. On his deathbed Guiermo admitted his one regret was that there was no son to carry on his family name. He was sure he had children but had never stayed anywhere long enough to know them. Vidic honored his final request as Guiermo whispered the lyrics to his favorite song one last time.

Sing of the life,
Sing of the Ocean.
Let passion consume,
fill up the night.

By 18 Vidic had settled on Waterdeep. The city offered everything he needed. Performing and lending his skill with a blade at every opportunity! (Well almost every opportunity… …He’s not that kind of Bard!)

Vidic Sieti

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